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Inkfluent Cartridge Needles Perfect Ink flow design with good tattoo needles;Taper Length and Needle shape can be customized.Color: Clear & half Gold Clear Other colors can be customized; Sterilized by E.O.Gas
Disposable cartridge needles,unique self-locking inner core design. Outside silicone grip and be custom made. High quality aluminum cartridge grips, adjustable grip size
All these products sterilized by E.O.Gas in professional sterilize factory which service for medical products.Video or report of sterilization can be provided.Grip size 25mm,30mm.customized size available. Samples can be provided to test quality.
Pre-made tattoo needle on bar sterilized by E.O.Gas Come with the sterilization indicator We do the OEM service for the best famous brand needles which have the same quality as the best famous brand needles.
We offer range of hygiene and cleaning equipment to keep everything sterile and hygienic.
Here at Precious Tattoo Supply we stock a range of studio furniture to help make your studio as comfortable as possible for both you the artist, and your clients. We have premium quality chairs and beds as well as robust Arm rests and high quality wheel base stools.
At Precious Tattoo Supply we supply a wide range of tattoo accessories; we try to stock everything that a busy tattoo studio would ever need from everyday items such as ink cups,spray bottles,prastic skins,elastic bands, grommets and so on.
We can offer variety of tatoo machine with cheap prices.
Here at Precious Tattoo Supply we offer a wide range of tattoo power supply, clip cords as well as foot switches in good quality and cheap prices.
Precious Tattoo Supply offer a wide range of stainless steel tattoo tips, stainless steel grips with self-locking function.All shapes available.
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