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Precious tattoo supply is a factory specialized in all kinds of professional tattoo supply. We mainly produce tattoo needles, tattoo grips, tattoo machine, tattoo related medical supplies and tattoo hygiene aftercare supplies. Especially we have great advantage in providing disposable tattoo grips and tattoo needles.

Our factory has always regards progress as the superior strategy. We have spent a large portion of investigation for new product R&D in order to follow and even lead the industry trend. Thus we have successfully helped our customers establish a series of high quality product systems in the past years.

Our factory has a strict quality control system by ensuring professional QC during each step.

Disinfection and sterilization have been done for all disposable tattoo supplies.The reports are available any time needed. Due to our strict quality control, the customers can always be confident in expanding the market, the sales volume has been increased year after year.

Precious tattoo supply adheres to the highest standards of management integrity and is dedicated to providing high quality tattooing equipment to meet the needs of all clients in all areas of the tattooing industry.

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